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Key Features

✓ Live, web-based vehicle tracking for access anytime, anywhere

✓ Vehicle tracking using high quality mapping including satellite and street view

✓ Journey trails and replays

✓ Find my nearest vehicle and job dispatch tools

✓ Driver behaviour monitoring as standard

✓ Points of Interest, Barred Locations and Geo Zones Comprehensive reporting suite with ad hoc and automated reports

✓ Business Intelligence Dashboard

Key Benefits

✓ Decrease fuel consumption

✓ Increase driver productivity / jobs per day

✓ Improve driving behaviour

✓ Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use

✓ Verify time sheets and overtime claims

✓ Improve customer response times

✓ Reduce Co2 and environmental impact Increase vehicle security

✓ Reduce insurance premiums

✓ Duty of Care and HMRC legislative compliance

5 things we’ll do to help you reduce your costs

✓ Analyse driver behaviour and identify where improvements can be made, providing you with hints and tips on how to positively engage with drivers to produce the best results.

✓ Measure MPG and the impact of driver behaviour, seasonal trends and traffic conditions across your fleet.

✓ Increase positive driver behaviour to make improvements in safety and reduce risk of accidents, improving your insurance claim profile and reducing premiums.

✓ Through a tracking solution provide real time visibility of your fleet, enabling better informed decisions leading to improved productivity.

✓ Manage vehicle maintenance schedules so you never miss another service, keeping your vehicles on the road and operating at optimum performance.

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