Silverstone Leasing

Car Leasing Milton Keynes

Here at Silverstone Leasing, we pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive leasing brokers in the UK. We can provide some of the best business and personal deals on both cars and vans. We specialise in offering a bespoke selection of vehicle finance packages to best suit you!

If you’re interested in car leasing, Milton Keynes is just a stone’s throw from our busy headquarters and our team know exactly the right questions to ask to ensure you drive away in the perfect vehicle.

We have been offering car leasing for more than 10 years and look forward to welcoming you soon.


Facts about Milton Keynes

  • Milton Keynes Borough covers 119 square miles
  • No-one in Milton Keynes is ever more than half a mile from a park
  • The mound behind Milton Keynes Library was the Saxon moot for the Secklow Hundred

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any disadvantages to leasing a car?

Yes, you don’t own the car so you’re unable to modify it in any way or sell it. In order to lower the monthly lease payments, you will need a large initial deposit.

How do you choose a car lease deal?

All Silverstone Leasing deals come from our panel of funding partners. On our website you can simply search for the car that is perfect for you, whether that is down to make or budget, and the terms of the contract – number of years and mileage allowance. This will then calculate the lease rental cost.