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Silverstone Leasing are one of the most competitive leasing brokers in the UK, providing some of the best offers on both cars and vans. Whether you’re looking for business or personal leasing deals, we will ask the right questions to ensure you have a bespoke selection of vehicle finance packages to choose from – all of which will suit your needs.

We have been offering car leasing in Doncaster for over a decade, keeping both local and national customers happy and on the road.

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Fun Facts About Doncaster

  • Doncaster is famous for their horse racing with one of the oldest courses not in the UK, but the world! 
  • The flying Scotsman, the famous train which was built in 1922 was from Doncaster. 
  • Jeremy Clarkson comes from Doncaster, not much to shout out about that!
  • Dianna Riggs who starred in the TV series The Avengers was born in Doncaster, not sure if see leased the Lotus Elan she drove!
  • Population of 308,106 as of 2021.
  • In the 12th Century Doncaster was given to Scotland and officially, it’s never been reclaimed by England, so legally Doncaster is still part of Scotland! Better get that kilt out!
  • Doncaster’s football team is Doncaster Rovers FC, who are in League Two
  • Princess Diana opened the Dome in 1989 which was Doncaster’s leisure centre
  • Tish the goldfish, pasted away aged 43 which was the oldest fish in the UK!
  • Bear Garden in Doncaster is the factory where the first teddy was made, Paddington Bear!
  • What to see a polar bear? Go to Doncaster and you will see one in Yorkshire Wildlife Park! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch with car leasing?

There’s not. It’s that simple. You will never own the car and the payments are fixed.

Explain why leasing is a bad idea?

Leasing is a bad idea if you cannot afford the repayments. You need to check your affordability and never go into a contract if you know you can’t afford to repay.