Silverstone Fleet Management

Is leasing better than buying?

Is leasing better than buying, a question we get asked a lot. More now than ever due to the popularity of personal contract hire. 

The answer all depends if you want to keep the car. Some customers prefer to buy outright, spend there hard earned and have a car which they own. This was the mindset in the 80’s and 90’s but those days are long gone now. 

Why would you want to pay for something that depreciates like a stone, unless a classic or supercar! Leasing both business or personal contracts gives you the wide choice of car, more popular are the premium brands due to a high residual value making the monthly payments a lot less than you think. 2, 3 or 4-year lease than hand back and get a new car. This method of driving a new vehicle is very popular and we have seen a 35% increase year on year.

The benefits leasing a new car are favorable as well. No MOT’s, road tax included, fixed monthly payments, peace of mind being a new car you will have the manufacturers warranty. Quite clearly, we are slightly biased. But we know what our customer love and keep coming back year on year. 

SO, if you want a new car, have it for a few year and hand back, you have come to the right price. Think about it, would you rather have a C class for £250 per month, or spend £36,000 out of your savings/bank loan or gifted money? We know what we would do and our 12,685 customers think the same.