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Letting off some steam!

Letting off some steam!
Posted in Team Events On 2 August, 2022 By Scott Norville

Don't mess with our sales support ladies!

After a strong Q2, the team all got together to battle it out.

It’s been a tough 3 months, deliveries being delayed, constant issues with discounts and overall, a lack of confidence in the market with the hike in cost of living. So, it’s been a tough one and what better way to let off some steam at the shooting range!

We spilt the teams, Embrace Leasing & SFM. It was a great battle, but in the end, Embrace won by a point!!

Overall scores on the day


1st Place - Kane

2nd Place - Michelle

3rd Place - Tom Glennon



1st Place - Tom Bailey

2nd Place - (Joint) Felicia & Scott

3rd Place - Aby


Winning Team - Embrace!