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Silverstone Customer Reviews
Posted in SFM, Reviews On 12 January, 2021 By Scott Norville

Why Word of Mouth and Customer reviews matter

Personalisation is key. People have access to so much choice these days. Therefore businesses that pay attention to customer service and offer an unique customer experience will benefit tremendously. Word of mouth has never been so important and with digital amplification of opinion so easy we always have to ask: what are we doing to make people shout loudly about all the good things we do?

We find that customer reviews are the mainstay for our personal leasing business. Choosing a car can be an incredibly complex business; it’s never simply about having four wheels just to get from A to B. There are so many decisions and options to take.

Although most of our relationships happen over the phone we often really do go on a long journey alongside anyone who comes to us for a personal lease car. Our aim is to deliver the perfect deal and the car of your choice to your doorstep.

A business cannot simply rely on stating what they do.

Potential shoppers want to get a feel for a business and understand how we conduct ourselves and what they can expect should they choose us. Not only this but it really is a two way street as reviews shine a spotlight on just how well an offering is going down with the target audience. Reviews are a gift, even if they are negative because it’s an opportunity to see what needs to be improved. This really is a brilliant, if rather painful way to develop a business and iron out any faults. It’s also another opportunity to improve things and even make amends as appropriate.

Strengthen credibility and trust

We find reviews that reflect the attention to detail and care we give to customers are not just pats on the back, really, what it’s doing is strengthening credibility and trust. When people take time out of their busy lives to write about a business reflectively that is a real bonus. Certainly we never take reviews for granted. After all, if other people have said customer service is exemplary you are much more likely to reach out for information in the first place

Customer engagement is the pinnacle and is a win-win for business and customer.

When a customer engages the relationship is strengthened and when an emotional connection is genuine then customer loyalty often follows. Many of our clients return to us time and again when they need to change their cars and we find they are very happy to write about us.  

Are you swayed by online reviews? No one is immune.

Sometimes there can be a disconnect. However, between how people use reviews in a personal space and what happens in the B2B or B2C spaces.  90+% of people read more than 6 reviews before placing their trust in what a firm has to offer.  Think about your own behaviours when you are looking for a new washing machine or phone, for example. We feel this number is bound to rise as more people say what they think about goods, products and services. Therefore any business offering any kind of service really should pay attention.

Helping clients find the best deal really excites us

After all, when you make the decision to lease for the first time some feel daunted and it’s our job to explain very clearly just what a lease car contract involves. Clients often start with one idea and quickly move on as we show them the available options. Sometimes we can and do solve a decision-making process very quickly but at other times we can take months to find the best car and deal. Yet this is what fires us; we love solving customer conundrums and for us positive customer reviews are wonderful to receive.

However, there’s much more to it than accepting praise. At Silverstone we understand that consumers make detailed use of feedback themselves.  

What happens when things go wrong?

However there is a down side and a negative review can have a profound effect. Research suggests that someone experiencing something negative is much more likely to write in a less than complimentary manner. However, how you deal with that negative review is key. If you can surprise and please them the effect can be even more powerful. Still, their negativity may well have put a finger on some aspect that requires rapid improvement.

Also negative reviews are not the end of the world when it comes to product awareness. After all a perfect review history can look suspicious. However, no business sets out to receive negative feedback, obviously. At Silverstone we do our level best to exceed expectations for every client.

So, if you are in two minds about personal leasing why not give us a call and let us help you make up your mind. We have some great deals right now so it’s always worth having a conversation.